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The team at Boxwood have substantial experience in preparing business plans for start-ups and established entities. We can handle the whole process for you.

If you are considering starting a trade then it will be vital that you plan it carefully. It is a well-known fact that most start-ups fail due to a lack of cash and therefore care is required from the very beginning to get a clear understanding of the timing of all future outlays. In addition, banks or other lending institutions will require a detailed plan to be able to consider a loan request and the same applies if you are trying to attract new investors. Regardless of cashflow requirements, planning will provide a great insight into possible areas of opportunity or risk as your business grows.

Things to consider

Care is required when approaching the planning process and a clear understanding of the end goal should be borne in mind. Typically, business plans contain a large amount of detail but this will vary depending on size and complexity. Banks and potential investors will all expect to see certain information in any business plan.  some of the things to be considered include:


  • The required information will extend past the P&L and balance sheet,

  • The business plan should typically explore potential markets,

  • Explain where the business will fit into that market,

  • Identify key competitors and explain how it will expect to compete,

  • Plus an analysis of strengths & weaknesses.

Boxwood have been our accountants for a number of years and provide us with advice and support for our year-end Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax Return. We have always found the team helpful and professional. They are always available to chat through any questions we may have and we no longer worry about getting our tax filed on time.

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At Boxwood, we have many years of experience in preparing business plans for start-ups and for established trades seeking new investors or additional funding and we understand the key points that a bank or potential investor will focus upon. It is important that your business plan not only provides the right information but it must also create the right image and make it clear that you have a deep understanding of the task in hand.

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